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Fellowship Opportunities

The Crime and Security URI currently has 80 members, 40 of whom are Academic & External Fellows of the Institute. Applying to become a Fellow of the Institute provides the opportunity to apply for funding to support research, impact activities and preparation of outputs.  Our priority is to foster inter-disciplinary research in the fields of crime and security. We are keen to support work that has a “high risk/high reward” dimension, where attracting funding from other sources may be challenging, but where there is a clear pathway to future funding or impact opportunities.
We have just launched our second round of funding, accessible to Academic and External Fellows to bid for additional support to engage in small scale research projects, prepare external funding bids, generate impact and undertake scholarly writing.
We plan to launch another round of funding in the new year, and would encourage those who have not yet applied to become a Fellow of the Institute, who are interested in applying for funding, to complete the application form that follows.

The below are the definitions and requirements for applying:

Academic Fellow

An Academic within Cardiff University with a track record of publications, external funding and/or practical experience that evidences their established interests in the fields of crime and security research;

External Fellow

External Fellows will be listed on the Institutes website, but if applying for funding, must apply as a Co-Applicant with an Academic Fellow. If the External Fellow does not have any current internal connections, we are able to facilitate these connections based upon each parties’ interests and experience. External Fellows include Practitioners’, Law Enforcement Agencies as well as Academics from other Universities;

PhD Associate

A PhD who is affiliated with the Crime and Security Institute. PhD Associates’ will be listed on the Institutes website as an associate of the Institute. A PhD can apply for funding as a Co-Applicant under the provision that the application is supported by an Academic Fellow and has the support of their Supervisor;

For further information please contact us on:

To make an application please click below to download the application form and return by email to: