Latest Reports:

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The Internet Research Agency In Europe 2014-2016

AFR Report Cover.png

An Evaluation of South Wales Police’s Use of Automated Facial Recognition Technology

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From Minutes to Months

A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of media and social media during and after terror events

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Digital Influence Engineering

International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics & Information Science


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Open Sources, Closing Borders: Policing, Counter-terrorism and Organised Crime in Europe After Brexit

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Integrating Learning and Reasoning Services for
Explainable Information Fusion

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Preventing Alcohol Misuse Offending and Injury Through
Motivational Advice in Criminal Justice and Health Services

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SHERLOCK: Experimental Evaluation of a Conversational Agent for Mobile Information Tasks


Learning and Reasoning in Complex Coalition
Information Environments: a Critical Analysis

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Preventing Violence Using Unique Information from Emergency Health Services – the Cardiff Model


A Disruptive Influence?

“Prevent-ing” Problems and Countering Violent Extremism Policy in Practice

Safer grangetown cover.png

Safer Grangetown:

Community Focus Group

Led by CSRI/UPSI CUROP Students &

Grangetown Youth Forum


Open Source Communications Analytics Research (OSCAR) Development Centre Final Report

From Evolution to Revolution. - mutability_Page_01.png

From evolution to revolution: understanding mutability in
large and disruptive human groups

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Policing and Public Health - Strategies for Collaboration

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After Woolwich: Analyzing Open Source Communications To Understand The Interactive And Multi-Polar Dynamics Of The Arc Of Conflict

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OSCAR Working Paper 2: Police Communications and Social Media

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Ten “Rs” of social reaction: Using social media to analyse the “post-event” impacts of the murder of Lee Rigby

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Nesta.. Data for Good: How big and open data can be used for the common good

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Behavioural Crime prevention: Using Nudges, Tugs and Teachable Moments in Crime Prevention Communications

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‘Soft Facts’ and Spontaneous Community Mobilisation:
The Role of Rumour After Major Crime Events

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OSCAR Working Paper 1: Understanding The Policy Context For Open Source Communications Analytics: A Simulation Exercise With The Dept. For Communities & Local Government And The Home Office

Second Wave Deliberalisation - Dobreva Innes_Page_01.jpg

‘Second Wave De-Liberalisation’
and Understanding the Causes
and Consequences of Brexit’s
Implications for Policing

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The Response of, and on, Twitter to the Release of Dabiq Issue 15


OSCAR 60 Second Briefing Paper: The Challenges of Open Source

Red Team Tests OSCAR 60Sec Briefing-01.jpg

Red Teaming: A Dynamic Methodology for Challenging, Critiquing & Posing Counterfactuals


Deep Learning for Situational Understanding

OSCAR 60 Second Briefing Paper: SENTINEL Local Situational Awareness via Social Media

BCP Full Briefing Paper Cover.jpg

Nudges, Tugs and
Teachable Moments:
What can a Cartoon
Cat teach us about
changing people’s
crime prevention