Research Groups

The Crime and Security Research Institute uses the existing expertise of research groups from across the university sector.

The Institute brings together experts from social science, public health, computer science, psychology, law, forensic linguistics, maths, engineering, architecture and business with a common aim - to solve existing and emerging problems using a range of interdisciplinary methodologies.


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Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI)

UPSI was established in 2007 in collaboration with South Wales Police and has since secured over £5 million external funding. Combining academic rigour with a strong focus upon policy and practice, it has achieved international renown for its innovations in designing and developing new solutions to policing problems.

Violence Research Group (VRG)

The Violence Research Group has helped bring about practical action to reduce violence at a global level. Through practical research on violence, our leading clinical academics, working in collaboration with external partners and organisations, have helped to understand, monitor and alleviate the causes of violent behaviour.


Data & Knowledge Engineering

The Data & Knowledge Engineering groups conducts specialist research, primarily in knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning and data mining, and mobile and spatial informatics.

Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law & Justice (CCLJ)

The Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice has an established international reputation for theoretically informed, policy focused, methodologically rigorous interdisciplinary research.