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CSRI Lunchtime Seminar: Professor Rob Honey 'Decision Making in the Frontline'

Where: Crime and Security Research Institute, Level 2, Friary House: Crime Meeting Room's 2.13, 2.14


Recent terrorist events in Manchester and London have served to highlight the heroism of frontline responders. The same events reinforce the need to understand decision-making processes in those who are charged with responding to them.  Our recent research, co-produced with a broad range of stakeholders, has provided evidence that helps to identify ways in which decision-making guidance and training could be improved.  The research combines direct observation of real incidents with experimental analysis of simulated incidents.


Rob Honey received his BSc in from the University of Sussex and DPhil from the University of York.  After many years as a wandering post-doctoral researcher (funded by the AFRC, BBSRC, MRC and Royal Society) he became a Professor at Cardiff University where he has been based since 1994. His research interests span basic and applied psychology, including recent research on individual and group decision making at emergencies.