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Development, Security and the Oceans: Celebrating World Oceans Day

Development, Security and the Oceans: Celebrating World Oceans Day

Location: Council Chamber, Glamorgan Building
King Edward VII Avenue
CF10 3WT

That the oceans are a vital resource for sustainable development has been forcefully highlighted by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a recent report argues, the Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG14) devoted to the oceans is linked to the majority of other goals, in particular the eradication of poverty, the guarantee of food security, the tackling of climate change and the building of effective institutions.

On June the 8th, World Oceans Day is celebrated. This year the day marks the end of a week-long United Nations conference on the implementation of SDG14.

Reflecting on the importance of SDG14, paying particular attention to the link between social and economic development in island and coastal communities and and security at sea, is the goal of this afternoon event. Bringing together Cardiff University expertise in maritime affairs and socio-ecological policy with a range of outside speakers, the event will facilitate discussion on recent research results as well as providing a networking opportunity for researchers in the region with an interest in maritime, island and coastal zone research from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

The event is a collaboration between the Sustainable Places Research Institute and the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff University and is sponsored by the British Academy’s Sustainable Development Programme.


14.00 Welcome and Introduction (Dr Christian Bueger)

14.30-15.45 Panel 1: Law Enforcement at Sea (Chair: Professor Susan Baker)


Dr. Barry Ryan, Keele University: The Perils of a Security First Approach to Oceanic Development

Professor Tim Edmunds, Safe Seas, University of Bristol: Maritime Security and Sustainable Development

Dr. Emma Wittbooi, Pescadolus: Fishery Crime: Security, conservation or development challenge?

15.45-16.00 short break

16.00-17.00 Panel 2: Sustainable Development (Chair: Dr Christian Bueger)


Professor Susan Baker, Cardiff University: Environmental Security, Sustainable Futures and the UN SDG14

Dr Leanne Cullen-Unsworth, Cardiff University: Securing a Future for Seagrass Meadows

Dr Jessica Paddock, University of Manchester: Changing consumption, changing tastes? Exploring consumer narratives for food secure, sustainable and healthy diets

17.00 Close