All in Research Project

Tackling Radicalisation in Dispersed Societies (TaRDiS)

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton and the Police Academy of the Netherlands, UPSI has secured funding from the European Commission to explore how the risks of radicalisation can be reduced. The particular focus of TaRDiS is upon communities where there are no defined population centres or clusters, reflecting how across Europe most activity aimed at preventing violent extremism has tended to be targeted towards particularly 'vulnerable' urban areas.

‘Soft Facts’ and Spontaneous Community Mobilisation: The Role of Rumour After Major Crime Events

Innovation charity Nesta has grant funded a number of research projects that explore two dimensions of how big and open data can be used for the common good. Firstly, how it can be used by charities to develop better products and services and secondly, how it can help those interested in civil society better understand social action and civil society activity.