All in Research Project

The South Wales Tri-Service Public Service and Joint Emergency Control Centre: An Evaluation

This study involves a multi-method evaluation of the development of a Tri-Service Public Service and Joint Emergency Control Centre in South Wales. South Wales Police (SWP) have identified that the lack of a ‘joined up’ approach to emergency service provision is resulting in inefficiency and a poor response service to the public. The force have already developed a single, highly efficient Public Contact Centre with modern technology

Dyfed Powys Performance

The Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI) were commissioned by the Dyfed Powys Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to undertake data analysis on the performance of Dyfed Powys police force relative to other forces. 

After Woolwich: Social Reactions on Social Media

The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby on the 22nd May 2013 in Woolwich rapidly acquired the properties of a signal crime (Innes, 2004). The changes to public and institutional perceptions of security were amplified by a series of secondary incidents of violence in the days and weeks following the original crime. The study seeks to develop the Rigby homicide as a case study of social reactions to high profile major crimes to generate new knowledge about how publics interpret and make sense of such events.

A Social experiment in Crime Purr-vention

Researchers at the Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI) are conducting a large-scale social experiment with members of the public about their attitudes and behaviours in relation to Crime Prevention.   The experiment is introduced by a cartoon cat, an animated character designed to be both funny and engaging, but whose presence also allows researchers to test how far these are salient qualities for people as they take on board new information on the subject of preventing crime.

Mapping Services For Victims Of Crime In South Wales

The Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI), in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Swansea and University of South Wales, were commissioned by the South Wales Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to investigate the quality and delivery of victim services in South Wales and set out options for future development. 

Mapping Services for Victims of Crime in South Wales

The purpose of the research is to provide a more evaluative component of the quality and delivery of victim services in South Wales consistent with the approach set out in the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime. It will determine the extent to which victim needs are being met under current arrangements, both in aggregate and by individual crime type by collating data on the following for each of the six areas identified in the specification..

Tackling Radicalisation in Dispersed Societies (TaRDiS)

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Sutton and the Police Academy of the Netherlands, UPSI has secured funding from the European Commission to explore how the risks of radicalisation can be reduced. The particular focus of TaRDiS is upon communities where there are no defined population centres or clusters, reflecting how across Europe most activity aimed at preventing violent extremism has tended to be targeted towards particularly 'vulnerable' urban areas.