Open Sources,Closing Borders: Policing, Counter-Terrorism & Organised Crime in Europe After Brexit

13th February 2017 10.30-17.30
Wales Millennium Centre & St. David’s Hotel, Cardiff Bay
Dinner: 19.00-20.00 (Invitation only)

This conference seeks to understand the implications of Brexit, and its causes and consequences, for the future of policing in a world that is being transformed by open source communications. It will establish a dialogue between leading practitioners, academics and policy makers about how we should understand the Brexit process and its likely ramifications for crime and policing in the UK and Europe. In so doing, it will develop a more in-depth and sophisticated understanding of how the police and policing should be reconfigured to face the future.   

The event is convened by Cardiff University’s Crime and Security Institute,
drawing upon its involvement with the OSCAR Centre and What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, both of which have been part funded by the College of Policing.

Conference themes include:

  • If ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ What Does Brexit Mean for Policing?

  • Countering Terrorism & Organised Crime in a World of Open Source Communications

  • What Does Research Evidence do in Post-Truth Politics?

  • Policing Futures & How to Respond


If you have received an invitation or would like to attend please contact: hayesa1@cardiff.ac.uk


Conference Venue: Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5AL


Dinner Venue: St Davids Hotel, Havannah St, Cardiff, CF10 5SD